Ch.4 Overview of SML#

§ 4.2. History of SML#

In 1993, Atsushi Ohori extended the Standard ML of New Jersey compiler at Kansai Laboratory of Oki Electric, and named the experimental prototype SML# of Kansai. The Internet still remembers my old posting of SML# to the types mailing list (

The name SML# of Kansai symbolizes the field selector #label, which was given a polymorphic type for the first time by this compiler. This compiler was reported in the ACM TOPLAS article on record polymorphism [8] as SML#.

To support not only record polymorphism but also interoperability and other practically important features, we decided to develop a new SML-style language from scratch, and in 2003, we started the SML# compiler project at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology as a part of the e-Society project ( ). funded by the Japan ministry of science, education and technologies

In 2006, the project moved to Tohoku University.