Standard ML Basis test suite

One of advantages of Standard ML is that implementations share the specification of the language and Basis library. It encourages portability and stable long life of softwares written in Standard ML.

We present a test suite for Standard ML Basis library. Compiler implementors can use it to check the conformance of their implementation to the Basis specification. We hope that this test suite helps to eliminate differences remaining among implementations of Basis library.



$ cd smlsharp/SMLUnit/basis/test/
$ /usr/local/bin/smlsharp ./sources.sml


$ cd smlsharp/SMLUnit/basis/test/
$ sml
Standard ML of New Jersey v110.72 [built: Fri Feb 05 10:57:49 2010]
- CM.make "./";
val it = true : bool
- TestMain.test();


$ cd smlsharp/SMLUnit/basis/test/
$ /usr/local/bin/mlton
$ ./sources

On some platform, compilation by MLton fails with an error message:

 CreateFile failed with error 80.

In such cases, you have to comment out some test cases in TestMain.sml to reduce the number of test cases, and retry it.


Assertion failures reported by this test suite do not necessarily indicate bugs of Basis implementation. Some of them may be for our misinterpretation of Basis specification. And, for some test cases, we could not decide what behavior conforms to Basis specification.

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