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A list of papers of Atsushi Ohori

See also abstracts of recent papers. Email me for the papers whose dvi/ps files are not available on this server. For copyright information, see at the bottom of this page.

  1. Atsushi Ohori A Proof Theory for Machine Code To appear in ACM TOPLAS. (pdf file)

  2. Atsushi Ohori and Isao Sasano Lightweight fusion by fixed point promotion In Proc. POPL 2007, 143-154. (pdf file)

  3. Tomoyuki Higuchi and Atsushi Ohori A static type system for JVM access control ACM Trans. Program. Lang. Syst. 29(1): (2007) (pdf file)

  4. Yutaka Matsuno and Atsushi Ohori. A Type System Equivalent to Static Single Assignment. In Proc. ACM PPDP'06, 2006. (pdf file)

  5. Huu-Duc Nguyen and Atsushi Ohori. Compiling ML Polymorphism with Explicit Layout Bitmap In Proc ACM PPDP'06, 2006. (pdf file)

  6. Kwanghoon Choi and Atsushi Ohori A Type Theory for Krivine-Style Evaluation and Compilation. In Proc. APLAS 2004: 213-228

  7. Atsushi Ohori Register allocation by proof transformation Sci. Comput. Program. 50(1-3): 161-187 (2004)

  8. Tomoyuki Higuchi and Atsushi Ohori A static type system for JVM access control. In Proc. ACM ICFP 2003: 227-237

  9. Atsushi Ohori Register Allocation by Proof Transformation. In Proc. ESOP Symposium, April 2003. (pdf file) (ps file)

  10. Tomoyuki Higuchi, Atsushi Ohori Java Bytecode as a Typed Term Calculus. Proc. ACM PPDP conference, 2002. (pdf file) (ps file) (Additional keywords: logic, type system, verification.)

  11. Atsushi Ohori, Kiyoshi Yamatodani An Interoperable Calculus for External Object Access. Proc. ACM ICFP conference, 2002. (pdf file) (ps file) (Additional keywords: ML, Java, record calculus, type system, interoperability, foreign language interface.)

  12. Alan Mycroft, Atsushi Ohori, Shin-ya Katsumata. Comparing Type-Based and Proof-Directed Decompilation . In Proceedings of IEEE WCRE Workshop of Decompilation Technique,IEEE Press, pages 362--367, 2001.

  13. Masatomo Hashimoto and Atsushi Ohori. A Typed Context Calculus. Theoretical Computer Science, 266(1-2):249-272, 2001. (pdf file) (ps file) (Additional keywords: lambda calculus, beta-reduction, hole filling, alpha equivalence.)

  14. Shin-ya Katsumata and Atsushi Ohori. Proof-Directed De-compilation of Low-level Code. In Proceedings of European Symposium on Programming, Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2028, pages 352--366. 2001. (pdf file) (Additional keywords: Java, proof theory, logic.)

  15. Atsushi Ohori. The Logical Abstract Machine: a Curry-Howard isomorphism for machine code. Proc. Fuji International Symposium on Functional and Logic Programming, Springer LNCS, pages 300-318, November, 1999 (invited paper). (pdf file) (ps file) (Additional keywords: proof theory, sequent calculus.)

  16. Atsushi Ohori. A Curry-Howard isomorphism for compilation and program execution. Proc. TLCA Conference, Springer LNCS 1581, 258-179, April 1999. (pdf file) (ps file) (Additional keywords: A-normal form, sequent calculus, natural deduction.)

  17. Atsushi Ohori and Nobuaki Yoshida. Type Inference with Rank 1 Polymorphism for Type-Directed Compilation of ML. Proc. ICFP Conference, ACM Press, September, pages 160 -- 171, 1999. (pdf file) (ps file)

  18. Atsushi Ohori. Type-Directed Specialization of Polymorphism. Information and Computation, 155:64--107, 1999. (pdf file) (ps file)

  19. Susumu Nishimura and Atsushi Ohori. Parallel Functional Programming via Data-Parallel Recursion. Journal of Functional Programming, 9(4):427-462, 1999. (pdf file) (ps file)

  20. Atsushi Ohori. Type System for Specializing Polymorphism. Proc. TACS Conference (invited paper). Springer LNCS 1281, pages 107 - 137, 1997. (pdf file)

  21. Atsushi Ohori and Tomonobu Takamizawa. An Unboxed Operational Semantics for ML Polymorphism. Journal of Lisp and Symbolic Computation, 10(1):61 - 91, 1997. (pdf file) (ps file)

  22. Susumu Nishimura, Atsushi Ohori and Keishi Tajima. An Equational Object-Oriented Data Model and its Data-Parallel Query Language. Proc. ACM OOPSLA Conference, pages 1 - 16, October 1996. (pdf file) (ps file)

  23. Peter Buneman and Atsushi Ohori. Polymoprhism and Type Inference in Database Programming. ACM Transactions on Database Systems, March 1996. (pdf file)

  24. Atsushi Ohori. A polymorphic record calculus and its compilation. ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems, vol 17, no 6, pages 844-895, 1995. (pdf file) (ps file)

  25. Susumu Nishimura and Atsushi Ohori. A Calculus for exploiting data parallelism on recursively defined data. Proc. International Workshop on Theory and Practice on Parallel Programming, Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 907, 1995. (ps file) (pdf file)

  26. Atsushi Ohori and Keishi Tajima. A polymorphic calculus for views and object sharing. Proce. ACM Symposium on Principles on Database Systems, 1994. (ps file). (pdf file).

  27. Atsushi Ohori and Peper Buneman. Static Type Inference for Parametric Classes In Theoretical Aspects of Object-Oriented Programming, Gunter, C.A, and Mitchell, J.C. (editors), pages 121-148, MIT Press, 1994. (ps file) (pdf file)

  28. Atsushi Ohori and Kazuhiko Kato. Semantics for Communication Primitives in a Polymorphic Language. Proc. ACM POPL Symposium. pages 99--112, 1993. (ps file) (pdf file)

  29. Atsushi Ohori. A compilation method for ML-style polymorphic record calculi. Proc. ACM POPL Symposium, pages 154-165, 1992. (ps file) (pdf file)

  30. Kauhiko Kato and Atsushi Ohori. An approach to multilanguage persistent type system. Proc. Hawaii International Confernece on System Science, pages 810-819, 1992. (ps file) .

  31. Peter Buneman and Atsushi Ohori. A Type System that Reconcile Classes and Extents. 3rd International Workshop on Database Programming Languages, 1991 (pdf file)

  32. Peter Buneman, Achim Jung, and Atsushi Ohori. Using Powerdomains to Generalize Relational Databases. Theoretical Computer Science, 91(1), pages23-56, 1991. (ps file)

  33. Val Breazu-Tannen, Peter Buneman and Atsushi Ohori. Data Structures and Data Types in Object-Oriented Databases. IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin, Special Issue on Theoretical Foundation of Object-Oriented Databases, 14(2), pages 23-27, 1991. (pdf file)

  34. Atsushi Ohori. Semantics of Types for Database Objects. Theoretical Computer Science, 76(1), pages 53-91, 1990.

  35. Atsushi Ohori, Ivan Tabkha, Richard Connor, Paul Philbrow. Persistence and Type Abstraction Revisited. Proc. 4th International Workshop on Persistent Object Systems, Morgan-Kaufmann, pages 141-153, 1990. (pdf file)

  36. Atsushi Ohori. Representing Object-Identity in a Pure Functional Language. Proc. 3rd Internatioanl Conference on Databse Theory, Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science vol 470, pages 41-55, 1990.

  37. Florian Matthes, Atsushi Ohori, and Joachim Schmidt. Typing Scheme for Objects with Locality. Next Generation Information System Technilogy, Lecture Notes in Compuer Science vol 504, 1991.

  38. Val Breazu-Tannen, Peter Buneman, and Atsushi Ohori. Can Object-Oriented Databases be Statically Typed? Proc. 2nd International Workshop on Database Programming Languages, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, pages 226-237, 1989. (pdf file)

  39. Val Breazu-Tannen, Peter Buneman,and Atsushi Ohori Static type-checking in object-oriented databases. IEEE Data Engineering, Special Issue on Database Programming Languages, 12(3), pages 5-12, 1989. (pdf file)

  40. Atsushi Ohori, Peter Buneman and Val Breazu-Tannen. Database Programming in Machiavelli -a Polymorphic Language with Static Type Inference. Proc. ACM SIGMOD Conference, pages 46-57, 1989. (pdf file)

  41. Atsushi Ohori. A Simple Semantics for ML Polymorphism. Proc ACM/IFIP Conference on Functional Programming Languages and Computer Architecture, pages 281-292, 1989. (pdf file)

  42. Atsushi Ohori and Peter Buneman. Static Type Inference for Parametric Classes. Proc ACM OOPSLA Conference, pages 445-456, 1989. (pdf file)

  43. Atsushi Ohori. A Study of Semantics, Types, and Languages for Databases and Object-Oriented Programming Ph.D. Thesis, University of Pennsylvania, 1989. (pdf file)

  44. Atsushi Ohori and Peter Buneman. Type Inference in a Database Programming Language. Proc. ACM Conference on LISP and Functional Programming, pages 174-183, Snowbird, Utah, 1988. (pdf file)

  45. Atsushi Ohori. Semantics of Types for Database Objects. Proc. International Conference on Database Theory, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 326, pages 239-251, 1988, (Extended version in a special issue of Theoretical Computer Science.)

  46. Atsushi Ohori. Orderings and Types in Databases. International Workshop on Database Programming Languages, pages 149-163, 1987 (pdf file)

  47. Peter Buneman and Atsushi Ohori. A Domain Theoretic Approach to Higher-order Relations. International Conference on Database Theory, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 243, pages 91-104, 1986.

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