This directory contains an example SML# code that calles a fast-fourier transform function written in C. Basically, the SML# code just binds the C function (porepared as a DLL) by one line

val fftn = _external "fftnCalc" of
: {RealArray.array, RealArray.array, int, int} -> int

and then call it as an ordinar SML# function. No special preparation is needed.

In this way, one can write a C FFT (or whatever) function of your choice, make it as a ddl, and call it from SML#!

For your convenience, the above directly also includes a sub-directoiry containing a GNU-licensed C FFT package (by R. C. Singleton (Stanford Research Institute, Sept. 1968) which has been converted into C code (7/26/95 by John Beale)). For more details of the C FFT package, see README and other supporting document in this sub-directory.

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