SML# Document

Chapter 26. SML# System Library

In addition to Standard ML Basis Library, SML# provides its own libraries for exploiting SML# language features. Being SML# specific libraries, they are directly provided through interface files (smi files) without signature specification. The are organized into library interface files (smi files), which are referenced by file name (librarySmiFileName) without specifying file paths (smiFilePath).

The current version provide the following.

Library name structure name (section)
"ffi.smi" DynamicLink (26.1)
Pointer (26.2)
"sql.smi" SQL (26.3)
SQL.Decimal (26.4)
SQL.Float (26.5)
SQL.Op (26.6)
SQL.TimeStamp (26.7)
"json.smi" JSON (26.8)
JSON (26.8)