SML# Document

Chapter 2. About This Document

This documents consist of the following parts.

  1. Part I: an overview of the SML#.

  2. Part II: SML# tutorials. The tutorials are structured in such a way that the reader can learn SML# from programming basics to advanced programming features provided by SML#. We recommend to read through this part quickly.

    If you are in a harry, you may find the desired information in one of the following pages.

  3. Part III: reference manuals on the SML# language and the libraries including Standard ML Basis Library.

  4. Part IV: Reference manuals on SML# tools (smllex, smlyacc, smlformat etc).

  5. Part V: The internals and data structures of the SML# system.

  6. Part VI: references.

In reading this document, please note the following.

  • This document is frequently revised and updated. For this reason, the currently version is distributed only on this web server. In near future, we plan to include a more complete version of this document (both in PDF and XHTML format) in the SML# distribution.

  • This document is written in LaTeX and processed with LaTeXML. It is best viewed with a MathML-capable browser such as Firefox.