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We are developing programming tools to make full use of SML#.
Some of them can be used with other compiler that conform to the
Definition of Standard ML.

All these tools are included in the SML# distribution package.

!!Standard ML tools
These are available on Standard ML compilers, including MLton and SML/NJ.
:[[SMLFormat]]:pretty printer generator for Standard ML
:[[SMLDoc]]:document generator for Standard ML
:[[SMLUnit]]:regression testing framework for Standard ML
:[[BasisTestSuite]]:test suite for Standard ML Basis library

!!SML# tools
These are SML# specific tools.
:[[Java]]:tool to access Java objects.
:[[OLE/SML#|OLESMLSharpOverview]]:tool to access Microsoft COM/OLE objects.
:[[.NET/SML#|DotNETSMLSharpIntroduction]]:tool to access Microsoft .NET objects
:[[smlsharp2exe|]]:utility to compile SML# code to a native executable file.